I was reminded last night at how comfortable I am navigating the hallways, stairs, and furnished rooms inside Beulah. She is my home and I know where rug corners turn up, where chair arms stick out and the exact angles of the many doorways to other rooms. Have you ever woken up in a hotel room or at a friend’s house only to feel disoriented and completely turned around? The momentary panic and disillusionment you feel until you remember where you are and what is happening can be nerve-wracking. But as I slip though Beulah in the middle of the night, I move without trepidation and in full confidence of my steps. Comfort means being able to navigate to the bathroom and back to bed at 2AM without injury…and without turning on a single light.

I cannot help but draw the similarity to how we are inhabited by the Holy Spirit. He dwells within us, knows our every nook and cranny. He moves freely in the dark without injury or misstep. He sees all of what we can be, are becoming and working on. God made us and created us with our own natural bents. He celebrates us in ways we do not even comprehend. There is no dark place, no flaw, no unconfessed sin that he is not already aware of and loves us in spite of. No matter what.

“My” room is a great illustration of this concept. (I have a room because I have stuff…stuff that does not belong anywhere else- scraps of wallpaper, fabric samples and paint chips-the stuff my imagination uses to create room concepts. Floral art prints, bird figures, crystal chandeliers and pink pom-pom curtains that would make the men I share Beulah with cringe but makes my girly heart happy. After years as a boy mom, I have finally created a girl’s room.)     When I was patching up the flaws in the plaster, sanding down the moldings for yet another coat of paint, I would stand back every hour or so and admire the progress. I know God does that with us. He is speaking to us and directing us and as the rough edges are worn down to give way to a blank canvas for His creation, He stands back to admire the progress. He envisions what we will become under His tutelage and says This is Good”…at every stage.

Regardless of where you are, who you are and what you have done, you are a work in progress, and he admires His creation. I sit in this pretty pink room, surrounded by girly treasures, flowery artwork and vintage furniture and I remember what it was before. The transformation is unbelievable. I see all the element that make this Shannon’s room. I see my influence and decisions. My unique point of view. 


Similarly, I reflect on who I have been and whose I am now. I could not be who I am today without Him. He had planned this remodel on me from the moment I was created and I see his thumbprint all over me.

We tend to think that we must present a completed masterpiece to Him to be accepted. We want to fix all our chipped paint, ragged walls and sagging ceilings before we will feel worthy of Him. But we are already chosen, wanted, adored.  If we could stand back and see ourselves as He does, we would know that unless we are seen through the filter of Jesus, there is no fix. We are accepted, loved, and celebrated exactly as we are. We are all in a state of renovation-a fixer-upper, a flip, a work in progress, a labor of love.

I get my love of fixer-uppers from my Dad.

Thank God he sees potential where even I do not.