Since the day we moved furniture into the Beulah, we knew we would have to replace the porch floor and possibly the columns. Much to my ego’s dismay, one of the first loads I carried up her wide steps, my foot broke off a piece of the overhang and slowly over the last three years, the problem has gotten more and more significant. Rotting floorboards seem to splinter off with each step and the once graceful columns sank a little deeper into the floor with every passing week.

We started interviewing contractors right away and even had a few signed contracts but due to COVID, budget constraints, licensing regulations or historic guidelines, we have had delay after delay…until now. With the help of a very good and talented friend, Beulah has a new porch floor!

Complete with quotes and scripture verses from dear friends, the new properly waterproofed and stained, tongue and groove pine flooring is installed and looking ever so beautiful.

Before the last board was even laid, my mind went into overtime imagining the finished picture…relaxing on the new porch swing with a good book on a beautiful spring day, the gorgeous blue green, teal paint on the freshly scraped wood siding. The scent of freshly mowed grass and sweet smell of blooming roses in the air…And then I remembered that moment I am imagining is probably next spring or at best, this fall. So many pieces to the puzzle before that day have to fall into place and more importantly the already jam packed calendar.

I wonder why we always push past the accomplishments of today and think of the next things to do. We as humans consistently long for and obsess about the object of our hearts design and then, as soon as we get it, we move onto the next thing without celebrating the moment of today’s accomplished task.

Our current world calls for us to be caught up in the next big thing, the current trends. We have apps that manage our time so we can get more done and multitask but are we really helping ourselves? Maybe what we need is to celebrate the accomplishments of today whether big or small. To take the time to have a little more gratitude for what has been done and grace for whatever the future holds. Let’s celebrate the now, the beauty of what was once the most important thing and is now an accomplishment of the day. So tonight, I will sweep off the sawdust from the newly laid porch floor and lay down and appreciate the sturdiness, the strength, the support. I will admire its unvarnished beauty and, if this beautiful spring weather holds out, there may be a spaghetti feast served on the porch floor tonight!

Someone please pass the parmesan!